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Physical Wellbeing

Food & Drink, Sleep, Exercise, Hygiene, Relaxation…

Occupational Wellbeing

Workplace, Safety, Balance, Stress, Hardship…

Financial Wellbeing

Manage, Earn, Grow, Borrow, Protect, Assistance…

Spiritual Wellbeing

Connect To Culture, Spirituality, Meaning, Purpose…

Intellectual Wellbeing

Knowledge, Learning, Skills, Creativity, Thinking…

Environmental Wellbeing

Home, Community, Conservation, Sustainability…

Emotional Wellbeing

Mindfulness, Relationships, Family, Self Awareness…

Social Wellbeing

Connection, Belonging, Giving, Fulfilment…

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Wellbeing Service

Services offered by Wellbeing organisations, particularly related to an individuals Wellbeing

Wellbeing Experiences

A consciously selected activity that, in some way, improves your body, your mind, or your spirit.

Entertainment : passive watching where you appreciate the activity or performance

Aesthetic : passively engrossed in the beauty or artistic qualities of an object, and not it’s functionality

Sensory : where the activity engages & focuses on one or two of your 5 senses; touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste

Learning : you actively absorb the experience. The activity enhances your knowledge or a skill

Participation : active participation in the activity, where your actions have an effect on the outcome

Volunteer : freely giving your time or knowledge to help others

Embodiment : putting an idea, thought or concept into a physical form or action

Transformation : an activity that takes you from one state (of body, mind or spirit) to a new desired state

Physical , Occupational , Financial , Spiritual
Intellectual , Environmental , Emotional , Social

Wellbeing Dimension

These 8 Wellbeing Dimensions are commonly used in Wellbeing frameworks, to highlight and seperate the various aspects of our lives.

We use these 8 dimensions to categorise listings for better findability (yes, it is a word!). Additionally, each dimension has further sub-categories for even more findability.