The Vision
A platform to support individual Personal Development, combining well known tools, methods and techniques to help people in their conscious pursuit of Success.

Why build Goalmuse
I couldn’t find the process and product I was looking for to help me in my quest for Personal Development.

A lot of reading later and designed the product I wanted. A product that would help me plan what I wanted to achieve. A design of the Success I wanted.

The journey started while contemplating my own career direction – my career Vision, Strategy and Tactics. Then in a moment of realisation …  I can do the same for all other areas of my life. Family, Health, Education, Spirituality, Finances, Relationships, Environment, Fun, Charity, etc.

This was news to me, but there’s nothing new about it – the Wheel Of Life is a well known tool used by life coaches.

But then what, what was the next step . . . I just didn’t know a reliable way to go about it.

After more research and more reading, I found a many concepts, methods and tools, each with various benefits, but nothing that took me from beginning to end of personal planning. I wanted to be sure that any process and outcome would be worthwhile and, ultimately, benefit me.

I started by building an iPad app – ‘Goal setting with Praxis’ and released it on iTunes, but now retired.

Later on I’ve released the Goalmuse website in Jan 2018.

Build the best possible Personal Development framework and application to help people plan and achieve the success they desire, and be the best they can be.

Nigel Forder