We are about

… the processestools and techniques that help us with personal development activities.

We’re about self-awareness, about personal growth, about knowing what you want in life, about your well-being, about your work, about your achievements, about the people around you, about money (yes!), about adapting, and about helping others.

With the aim of helping to bring about dreams and aspirations in life, and towards a higher sense of Personal Fulfillment in ourselves.


These are the subjects that have an impact of your Personal Fulfilment. We call them Channels.

In each Channel we discuss the best & most useful processes, tools and techniques.


A process is a series of steps to achieve a desired outcome.

There are many personal development activities that have well defined sequence of steps which are recommended by experts, coaches and advisors.

For example, goal setting is best done in a sequence, and not a single stand alone task. There are recommended steps to do before setting goals.


The tools discussed here are things we use, single devices, to help us in the various steps in a process.

Tools can come in many forms:-

  • mental models that we do in our head at certain time
  • a diagram on paper, that we write our thoughts on
  • a smartphone app that we fill in and keep with us
  • thing like habits, goals, experiments
  • plus many more…


An example of a tool is the Eisenhower Matrix, used for decision making. 


These are the methods of using the tools. We discuss the possible different techniques used on recommended tools.

Taking the example above of the Eisenhower Matrix, the suggested method ,technique, of using this tool is on daily tasks that require a decision to be made in order for that task to move ahead. This tool is not so good for planned actions/tasks.

...with a focus on...


Your Vision, direction, purpose, goals, plans. The mental (first) creation.


Your state of mind.
How you show up every day.


What you do.
The physical (second) creation.

The Goalmuse logic model

We use a logic model to describe our approach to dealing with such a varied and complex subject.

Inputs >>

These are what you need to bring to the party.

  • Your time
  • Your intent
  • Your actions
  • Your state of mind


    These are the Channel subjects that have an impact of your Personal Fulfillment. In each Channel we discuss the best & most useful processes, tools and techniques.

    Outputs >>

    Many! Starting with joy, achievement, hope, prosperity, love, vibrancy, gratitude, relationships, and quality of life. The list goes on.

    OUTCOME >>

    The outcome for you is a higher level of Personal Fulfillment.


    Improved personal well-being
    A positive impact on those around you
    The ability to give back to others
    ...and more

    We do recognise that…

    • This is a simple representation of a very complex subject
    • This is not a linear process
    • Side effects may occur
    • There is no guarantee that the Outcome and Impact will actually happen for you
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