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Mastery of Life Planning

With the Advanced elements in place (see Advanced in Life Planning), you are now in a great position to really master your Life Planning. Mastering your Life Planning means having a full understanding of all

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Inversion – Invert, always invert!

“Invert, always invert” . . . so said Carl Gustav Jacob Jacobi, the German mathematician. Though being German he probably said, ‘man muss immer umkehren’, in expressing his belief that the solution of many hard

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Basics of Personal Development

Like many skills, personal development is something to be learnt. Also like other skills, there are basic ideas and concepts that should be covered and understood before progressing to more advanced topics.  In this Basics

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Why you need a Life Plan

One of the great outcomes of writing a basic Life Plan is the experience of doing it. Just the act of putting our thoughts into the written word helps us to clarify our thoughts even

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