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Personal Decision Making

We make about ~35, 000 decisions per day by some account. 226 per day on food alone apparently. Here though, we’re discussing personal decisions that require a bit more attention. “Make good choices”, I often

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Fake it

Fake it ’till you make it

Possibly the most well know of all personal frameworks . . . Fake It Till You Make It Of all the personal frameworks, this is possibly the most well known, and most quoted in recent

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A Personal Fulfillment Framework

A framework is a structure underlying system, or process, to build something. A Personal Framework is as underlying structure for your life. In reality a personal framework is about who and what we are naturally:

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personal finance

Personal Financial Management

There are only a few personal development activities that we really must take care of – managing our personal finance is one of them. Managing something means to conduct, control, and direct it in a

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Personal Productivity

The Basics of Personal Productivity

Here we cover the basics of dealing with the personal productivity elements of your Time, Ability and Mindset. Any discussion around ‘productivity’ needs to include a few vital points, these being:- How to do personal

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My simple task list approach

Here’s an effective method to manage your task list, or To Do list. My simple task list approach uses 6 basic notations to indicate how my tasks are progressing. Over the years I’ve tried a

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