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Goal Setting

Goal Setting is widely accepted as being the single most important technique for planning & achieving almost anything in life. This acknowledgement and status is due to a number of factors:- Human nature – we

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Your Current Status

An important factor in making any life plans is knowing what your current situation is – your Current Status. As with every journey, our lives too have a beginning, middle and end. And self assessing

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Personal Finance

Managing personal finances has an impact on quality of life and personal fulfillment. Personal Finance is about managing your money, savings and investments. It is about having control over you budget, banking, investments, retirement plans,

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Giving Back

Helping others – one of the great impacts on our sense of personal well-being and fulfilment. Giving back, helping others, volunteering, donating. These are just some ways that we aim to make a positive impact

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Lifelong Learning

Lifelong learning is the lifeblood of your personal development. Lifelong learning is the continuous, self-driven learning and education, after our formal education years have finished. It is an individual driven process to gain more knowledge

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Life Area - balance

Life balance

There are a number of reasons to look for balance in all aspects of our lives – our family, our partner, ourselves, our home – with the main reason being to help maintain and improve

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