Disclosure. Some Assembly Required

Some assembly required, indeed. And it goes by the sexy name of Personal Strategic Planning 😉

The title could well have been ‘Batteries Not Included’; as in, you need to provide your own energy and spark. The point is, you’ll need to put in some effort upfront to get the best results from yourself.

The assembly stuff is the time you need to spend thinking, contemplating  and writing before you start setting goals – to help yourself in setting truly relevant and achievable goals.

SO! Grab a pen, some paper, and some time to yourself . . . it’s time for some thinking and writing.

  • Identify your main Life Areas — Family, Career, Health, Spiritual, Relationships, Finances, Personal Growth, etc.

Then for each Life Area:-

  • Envision the future state you want for each Life Area. Write a Vision statement. This matters!
  • Know you Why. This is not ‘Why?’ . . . this is ‘Why!’. Write it
  • Be clear on your personal core Values. Write them
  • Consider your current situation.Where are you now? Be honest. Write it
  • Write the Strategy that will take you from where you are now, to where you want to be – to your Vision

The result…

will be a series of personal statements for your Vision, Why (Mission), Values, and Strategy across all your important Life Areas.


With the writing finished (and yes, it may take a few days), type your writings into Goalmuse -> your Vision, you Why, your Values, your Strategy.

Finally, upload some images of the future you into Goalmuse