Giving back

Giving Back

Helping others - one of the great impacts on our sense of personal well-being and fulfilment.

Giving back, helping others, volunteering, donating. These are just some ways that we aim to make a positive impact on the world with the act of giving

Giving to others of your time, your physical ability, your knowledge & skills and your money.

Money is, in many ways, the simplest way to give back. Money is a very transferable gift to the intended recipients. Money can be given to an intermediary organisation that helps others. Money can be used to buy knowledge, to buying experts, to buy other peoples time or physical ability, to buy material things. There is, however, the downside to just giving money – it’s not always that rewarding to the person giving. There are times when your physical presence and knowledge is worth more than money can buy.

Positive impact of Giving Back

  • Helps find meaning and purpose in life
  • Helping worthy causes
  • Raises our own sense of personal well-being and fulfillment
  • Emotional & health benefits
  • Encourages those around you to give back too


In this channel we cover the ways and means of giving back that allows you to help others.

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