We’re Live!

And we’re live . . . available to the world to use on the web.

Goalmuse has been quite a few years in the making; the initial idea, a proof-of-concept on paper and various software, then an iPad app which I designed and built. Now a Personal Development web site and web app, with the help from the team at Burning Fruit.

There are still the Think and Decide phases to build, plus additions and improvements to the existing features. I’ll post here as these roll-out.

To get Goalmuse where it is now, I used the approach that Goalmuse provides for in Personal Development – A Vision, my Why, my Values. A Strategy. My SWOT. Goals, Life Events, and Wildcards. I do a daily Environmental Scan, and already use the Think and Decide approaches. These all had a part to play, leading to a much better plan than either of the two plans in the cartoon below.

That said, planning is nothing new. Planning is as old as the hills. It’s human nature. We all plan, we need to.

What IS new, is the Goalmuse approach and combining all these elements (and more) into one simple, single solution.