Travel Planning

Here we provide help on all the items in the free Travel Planning template.

Travel Summary

The ‘Travel Summary’ tab is a place to type in the summary of your travel plan for an high level view. The data to put is :-

Reason : just a sort reason description.

Dates : start and end dates, with auto calc of the total days.

Total Cost : this gives an easy to see total, from the ‘Itinerary and Costs’ tab (top right)

Names of travellers : to collect the names, and passport numbers, blood type, and and medical needs.

Itinerary and Costs

This tab is the core of your Travel Plan

This tab will help you setup & plan the most 3 important items for each day : Travel, Accomodation & Cost.

Additionally, this will help you identify any gaps in your travel plans.

There are 3 sections : 

  1. Days, Date, and Description of the day
  2. More travel details
  3. Costs for each day

Add a row for each day of your travels, with the necessary information.

  • The ‘Bookings Tab Ref#‘ column is a way to refer to any booking you have made prior to travelling.
  • The Cost cells have ‘conditional formatting’: the cell changes color depending on what you type into the cell…
    Cell has ‘x’ = green // indicates no cost value needed
    Cell has $$ value :  green // indicates value entered
    Cell is blank = orange // indicates that data is missing

This done to help you identify missing costs

To change formats (Date, Currency, etc) use standard Google Sheets settings


Often we pre-book may of our travel arrangements – this is the place to record all your booking details, for:-

  • Transportation : Flights, boats, trains, etc
  • Accomodation : Hotels, BnB, etc
  • Rentals : Cars, bikes, scooters, etc
  • Tours : Sight seeing, Food, Cultural, etc 
  • Attractions : Sports events, Parks, Museums, etc

In each one add a Reference#, and put that in the ‘Itinerary and Costs‘ tab 

Wish List

For those attractions and things we want to see, but have not booked…or don’t need booking.


It’s a good idea to keep track of the contacts we’ll need on our travels. The hotels, the owners, the operators, emergency numbers for insurance/medical . . . the list goes on. 

Check List

A Check List is always useful. Here we have a list of many important items to do before, during, and after our travels. 

AI Prompts

Yes, indeed! Get yourself onto ChatGPT or Google Bard and try out there great AI Prompts.

Find out more on your Itinerary, local customs, food, people, environment, language, and more.

With the right prompting, tools like ChatGPT & Google Bard generate amazing responses to help us find better travel routes, help find info on local customs, foods & culture. Plus so much more.