Environmental Scan - Keep an eye on the world around you

Environmental scanning is a process that systematically surveys and interprets relevant data to identify external (to you) the opportunities and threats in issues beyond your control.

In Goalmuse this is done by using some of the text you enter (into the PESTEL and SWOT features), then searching the Internet for related information.

  • We use the Microsoft search engine, Bing.com
  • We do not pass any of your account details to Microsoft or www.bing.com

And by Environment, we mean the world around you – locally, nationally & globally.

Your probably already do some scanning already – reading the news, reading career articles, keeping up to date on social issues, caring for the environment, etc.

The PLAN page displays the Environmental Scan results window, for each Life Area. Any result may be an Opportunity or a Threat relating to your plans in life – only you can decide.

Once you have identified that a result that is an Opportunity and Threat move it in to the THINK stage to spend time assessing and thinking over the issue and adding your Options. Later on when a decision is to be made, move on to the DECIDE stage.

Thinking and Deciding on a course of action lets you re-Plan your strategy, goals, and habits . . . to embrace or counteract the Opportunity and Threat.