Experiments - be the lab rat

Experiments can be used in your personal life to explore & better understand yourself. Better understand those around you. Explore new things – crazy ideas, strategies, habits. Our Experiments feature is based on the Scientific Method
  1. Observation – what is it that you have noticed?
  2. Question / Problem – for the question or problem in writing.
  3. Hypothesis – what is your informed guess as to the possible outcome?
  4. Experiment and testing – what tests will you do for the experiment
  5. Analysis – once the Experiment is finished (status field = ‘done’) you get  review the results. Store the data somewhere, analyse it, then write your analysis here
  6. Interpretation – or conclusion. What do you think the results show and how do they impact you
Depending on the outcome of an Experiment, create a new Goal or a new Habit . . . or run another experiment.

Note: please keep experiments safe. Scientists agree that good research is ethical in nature and is guided by a basic respect for human dignity and safety

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