The Goalmuse Framework - Plan, Scan, Think, Decide

Goalmuse provides a ‘strategic planning’ framework used by businesses and organisations that combines concepts, tools and methods into a single integrated approach. This allow you to keep focusing on your own plans, and not the process of planning.

The framework is made up of four Stages, each containing well known structured planning methods and tools* – again, adapted for personal use. Each Stage feeding into the next, each designed to help you progress with your Personal Development.

The Goalmuse stages are: 1. Plan > 2. Scan > 3. Think > 4. Decide

Stage 1 – Plan – combines many well know tools* and methods to help you build a life plan, with SMART goals, Life Events, and Wildcards.
Stage 2 – Scan – keeps a constant lookout for you, by searching the Internet to find Opportunities and Threats to your life plans.
Stage 3 – Think – helps you identify, contemplate and record Options for each Opportunity and Threat
Stage 4 – Decide – helps you make key decisions from the available Options, and record in you Decision Journal. Once the Decision is made, you can adjust your Strategy & Goals ie your Plan 

*Wheel of Life, Life Areas, Vision, Why/Mission, Values, SWOT, PESTLE, Who/Stakeholders, Image Board, Goals and Actions

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