Life Events - Plan for the expected

Life Events are events that you can be quite certain will happen in your lifetime, and will have a high impact on your life. These are known as “High probability, High Impact events”

● Starting at a new school
● Buying a first home
● Fired from work
● Starting a business
● Marriage / Divorce
● Birth of a child
● Death of a relative
● Retirement
● Aged care
● End of life

You can be fairly certain that some of these type of events will happen for or to you. You won’t be 100% in control, and other people will be involved.

Fields in the Life Events:
● Name – short name
● Life Stage – at what time in your life do you expect this event
● Target Date – a specific date
● Reason – helps clarify your thoughts
● %Complete – between 0-100%
● Description
● Positive thoughts – focus on the positives
● Barriers – have a think about what may cause problems for this specific Life Event
● Support structure – who can you get additional support from?
● Reward – your reward for successfully dealing with this event. More positive thoughts

Life Events have varying degrees of stress, which has been studied and documented in The Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale. Worth knowing!