PESTEL analysis - Prepare your Environmental Scan

PESTEL is a common tool to help you assess the world around you, using 6 subjects, or “macro-environmental factors”.

The Environmental Scan feature will use these factors to search the internet and deliver relevant news & information. This will help you spot Opportunities & Threats relating to you, your goals and your Vision


For each Life Area, write in the PESTEL factors that most concern you. You don’t need to write in every factor.
Some examples:-
● Political > Election, policy changes, political changes…
● Economic > Personal tax, currency changes, impacts of economic change…
● Social > Welfare, Medical aid, social change, zeitgeist of the day, migration…
● Technological > Fintech, Digital Currencies, AI…
● Environmental > De-forestation, Climate change, sustainability…
● Legal > Change to laws, impacts of laws…

Wikipedia: PESTLE
Also know as : PESTLE, PEST and STEEPL

This video is PESTLE related to businesses, but you can use it too:-