Priority Matrix - Review your Actions and priorities

We have a Priority Matrix to help you review your Actions.

The Priority Matrix uses the below quadrants to present your Actions by Priority:-

● Q1 – Important / Urgent
● Q2 – Important / Not Urgent
● Q3 – Not Important / Urgent
● Q4 – Not Important / Not urgent

The Matrix also provides a simple piece of advice per quadrant:-
● Q1 – Critical issues that need to be resolved soon. These are often forced upon us
● Q2 – Schedule a time to do it. Be in control, your key life-goal actions should be here
● Q3 – Get help or delegate. These are distractions and interruptions.
● Q4 – Leisure or ‘timeout’ actions. These can be good, we all need this time. But beware of timewasters.

“The key is not to prioritise what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities”

– Stephen R. Covey

Also known as the Eisenhower Matrix technique, and popularised by Stephen R. Covey.