Make a PLAN - identify what is important to you

The PLAN stage is the first of the 4 Goalmuse framework stages. It is where you set out you Vision of the future you – and how you intend to get there.

Start with the Wheel of Life – a tool used to help represent important areas in your life.

Goalmuse Life Areas help you to

  • write very specific statements for  your Vision, Why, Values, and Strategy – in each Life Area
  • measure the relative ‘Satisfaction Level’ – in each Life Area

On the Goalmuse homepage there is an infographic to display your Life Areas, the related Satisfaction Level, and the %Complete (of all goals in the Life Area)

Goalmuse starts you with the following Life Areas
● Career/Work
● Learning/Growth
● Health/Fitness
● Partner/Love
● Environment
● Spirituality
● Fun
● Community
● Family/Friends
● Money/Finance

See Tony Robbins web site : Wheel of Life

The Wheel of Life is a well known coaching tool