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Wildcards are unlikely events that, were they to occur, will have a high impact on your life.
These are known as “Low probability, High Impact events”

These are events out of your control, that could impact the desired Vision outcome. You can only PREPARE and REACT to these events.
Fields in the Life Events:

● Name – short name
● Impact Term – how long will the impact of this Wildcard be. Helps with contingency planning
● Target Date – usually ‘no-date’, but could be a specific date
● Reason – helps clarify your thoughts
● %Complete
● Description
● Immediate Response – what is the FIRST thing you will do if this Wildcard happens. Be very clear.
● Scope of impact – who, what, where, how long
● Signals – clues or signals to look out for. This is also a text source for the Environmental Scan, to search the Internet for information.
● Degree of Probability – comment of the probability of this occurring

Examples: by Life Area:-
● Career/Work > Company goes bankrupt
● Family/Friends > Unexpected death of a loved one
● Health/Fitness > Severe personal injury or illness
● Money/Finances > Stock market crash, hacked web accounts
● Environment > Severe weather, Social unrest, Pollution

Example actions: Wildcard = “Hit by cyclone – high winds and flooding”
1. Write a contingency plan
2. Put together or buy a Contingency Kit (RedCross-Get A Kit)
3. Assess when to stay, and when to leave
4. Stock up on candles, tinned food, blankets…

Tip. Write details in the Environmental factor in the PESTEL tool, to find early warning signs or ‘signals’ with the Environmental Scan

Stratfor:Contingency Plans

And finally…