Vision Strategy

Build a Strategy to get to the Vision

Your Vision of the future you needs a Strategy, a high level plan on how you aim to achieve the Vision

A Strategy statement will help initiate a general plan and direction, help clarify what goals are needed and approximately in what sequence.

One of the most common personal strategies is in regards to careers & work. It’s the one strategy that many people naturally build up in their head. 

Lets say, for example, that the Vision of your Work life area is to work in optimising business efficiency. You realise this requires experience in the business IT systems. Your Strategy Statement could be…

“Get experience in the company IT systems so I know how the tech and business processes work together. Repeat these 3 step for 2 years:-

  1. Get onto that new project
  2. Do the project to completion. Nail it.
  3. Get out. Onto next new project – don’t be stuck without a new project.
Now that example may sound like it’s part of a Professional development, and it is. However, in this example it’s you with the a personal vision, driving the professional vision. It’s what you have decided.
The same personal strategy can and should be created for all other areas of your life too – family, partner, health, fun, community, etc.
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