Mastery of Life Planning

Mastering your Life Planning means having a full understanding of all areas in your life, your abilities and your chosen direction in life.

With the Advanced elements in place (see Advanced in Life Planning), you are now in a great position to really master your Life Planning.

In this channel we discuss things such as Wildcards (those unexpected events that impact us), Scanning the world around us (to spot ‘signals’ of impending change), and setup processes to assess certain events. And on into long term MasterPlans, Personal Branding, Money Mastery…

We’ll also cover subjects that cross-over into our other channels: Personal Well-Being, Employability, Personal Productivity, Personal Finance, Giving Back and finally Personal Fulfillment.



The reason behind using these processes, tools & techniques is to help you design the life that you want. Yours to own and yours to live. Not anyone else’s.

This Mastery pathway covers more techniques to build on following on from the Advanced path.

Wild cards are unlikely events that, were they to occur, will have a high impact on your life. These are events that will be out of your control, that could massively impact you and those around you.   You can only PREPARE for, and REACT to these events.

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Environmental Scan

Environmental Scanning (ES) is a technique to help us gather information about the ever changing world around us – particularly events and trends that could impact us and the way we live.  Then, with this new found knowledge &

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The PESTLE analysis is a framework of six subjects used to help an organisation get a ‘big picture’ view of the world around them, and adapt as needed. It is also a very useful tool for us individuals too.

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