Starter Life Planning

Starter in Life Planning

The starting point of writing a Life Plan begins with knowing the important areas of your life - like family, partner, career, money, etc. This helps you clarify & prioritise the big picture of your life.

For each life area you then write a statement of the Vision, the future you. The write a statement of the Values you abide by – these are your core beliefs. Up next is your ‘Why’ – the reason, or mission. you have that drives you towards your Vision.

Your assessment of your Current Status goes hand-in-hand with your Satisfaction Level in each Life Area.

In writing these you will begin to develop your Self Awareness and begin the journey to shape your own destiny.

Another common approach to writing a Life Plan is to use the services of a life coach, or personal coach. This is a great way to start and advance, by having face-to-face discussions with someone trained in the techniques

This Starter pathway discusses the foundation steps in sequence to help you build a Life Plan.

Life Areas

Life Areas are a mental starting point for helping us define what is important to us, and help us maintain balance in life. Some life coaches use the concept of building support pillars as a metaphor for Life Areas, in that they help to keep

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Vision Statement

A Vision Statement is a personal, written statement of what you would like the future to be – the vision of the ideal future you

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Core values

Your personal Values are at the core of your being, they are what you reference for decision making, in times of stress and daily behaviour. As a result, personal values are often referred to as your “moral compass”.

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The idea of wanting and needing to know our life purpose, our ‘Why’, has been around since ancient times Do you know what drives you to do what you do with intention and passion?  

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A very important factor in making any life plans is knowing what your current situation is – your Current Status. As with every journey, our lives too have a beginning, middle and end. And self assessing where you are on the journey is great for your Self Awareness and life

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Goal Setting is widely accepted as being the single most important technique for planning & achieving almost anything in life

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The Action Plan; the To-Do list of your goals. The list of tasks for a particular goal that needed to be completed for that goal to be achieved This is the doing part. This is where you actually progress your goals,

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Affirmations are personal statements used to drive a positive mental attitude in ourselves Best used by repeating often the statement to yourself and frequently writing it down.

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