Congruence- team-spirit

Goal Congruence

Congruence is the state of things when they are in agreement, coming from the Latin congruō “I meet together, I agree”

Therefore, Goal Congruence is the alignment of your goals to…

  1. your other goals
  2. your direction in life
  3. your personal Values
  4. those people reliant on you 


Goal congruence is often discussed in the business case about aligning organisation goals, shareholder goals, manager goals, and employee goals. Often termed as Work-Life balance

Here, we’re discussing what you can control – ensuring your goals align across all aspects of you life. Or at least acknowledging the need and trying to align them.

Not having congruent goals can result in being pulled in many opposed directions, trying to achieve things that ultimately cannot be aligned.

A side note

The idea of Congruence also applies to our Values, where we need to ensure that values across all aspects of our lives are in agreement with each other. 


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