SMART is a helpful acronym for defining goals in such a way that they have the best possible chance of being achieved

Ensure each of your goals have these 5 elements defined:-

Specific – the goal is clear, concise, and unambiguous.

Measurable – you are able to record & track progress, preferably with a numeric criteria ($, amount, height, length, etc). ‘% Complete’ is a simple metric to use.

Achievable / Attainable – meaning that the goal is within your abilities to achieve.

Relevant – the goal is relevant to what you want to achieve in your life, in your vision of the future. 

Timely / Timed – the goal needs to have a defined timeline, with start and end dates.

On setting personal goals

  • We naturally set goal in our heads – we cannot help it
  • For the best chance of success, WRITE YOUR GOALS DOWN
  • Use the 5 principles  to write the goals
  • Remind yourself regularly. Weekly is good
  • Keep your current goals to a manageable list of 4,5 goals at any one time. Keep a list of others, but don’t start them yet
  • Have 1 Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG), no more


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