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Life balance

There are a number of reasons to look for balance in all aspects of our lives – our family, our partner, ourselves, our home – with the main reason being to help maintain and improve our mental & physical wellbeing and look after those around us.

Taking from the principle of ‘putting on your own oxygen mask first‘, you’re no use to anyone if you are not breathing or passed out. Only when you are operating well are you in a position to help those around you.

And if you’re NOT, they suffer.

Too much said on Work-Life balance

Increasingly, the discussion around Life balance is only in terms of a Work-Life balance. This, however, is not doing us any favours as it limits the discussion, commentary and assessment to just the one aspect of our lives ie work. Our Work Life Area. The conversation is mostly about Work vrs all-other-things-we-have-to-deal-with-in-life. 

Even in Google search you’ll need to strip out the work “Work” in order to get a partially decent search result…

life balance -work

To move on from this ‘work-life’ view, the subject of Self Care offers additional information.

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