Wheel Of Life

The Wheel Of Life

The Wheel Of Life is a tool used by life coaches to help visualise the Life Areas in a wheel, where each segment is a Life Area.

The idea is to assess yourself & your life to see if there are important things you’ve been neglecting, or things you’ve been giving too much of yourself to, then, in keeping with the wheel metaphor, decide on actions to balanced the wheel – to balance your life.

There are 3 elements that are available with the Wheel of Life tool:-

  1. A display of the key Life Areas in you life
  2. Using a Satisfaction Level assessment to graphically display the in-balance in your life
  3. The %Complete of all Goals – goals set to recover the in-balance to a higher Satisfaction level
Wheel Of Life

The previous section discussed the which Life Areas to use, so you will have (1) completed by now.

Next (2) is to review your overall balance, using a Satisfaction Level measure (ie  a scale of 1 – 10) in each Life Area – the concentric rings in the wheel.

Based on your Satisfaction Level, you next step is to decide what goals & actions are needed to raise the Satisfaction Level to a desired level – the level that will bring balance in your life.

The Goalmuse App uses this approach, as seen in the screenshot above. There are Life Areas, each with a Satisfaction Level, and a “% Complete” indicator of the related Goals. As you progress your Goals and Actions the %Complete increases.

Over the course of time, and as you complete the goals set, your Satisfaction Levels should begin to even  out.

And as these even out you should begin to notice more balance and harmony in you day to day life..

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