Satisfaction level

Your Satisfaction Levels

Satisfaction levels are a measure of that feeling we have regarding our personal fulfullment, which is often a mixture of happiness and frustration.

The aim here is to identify a Satisfaction level for each Life Areas – a score from 1 – 10 of how fulfilled you feel in each life area. Then, using this score as a baseline, to determine what things you will do to improving your level of personal fulfullment – improve the score.

Score each of your Life Areas on a scale of 1 – 10, based on how you feel at this moment in time

1 = Not at all satisfied

10 = Very satisfied

If you have drawn out a Wheel Of Life, mark your score on each Life Area.

Not to be confused with Life Satisfaction or Happiness

In the field of Positive Psychology (the study of human wellbeing, flourishing, and positive mental health), Life Satisfaction is the self evaluation of our life as a whole, at a point on time. And not to be mistaken for ‘happiness’, which is more of an emotive feeling at a specific moment in time.

There are self assessment tests that can be done, such as the “Satisfaction with Life Scale (SWLS)” (see below).

Also, for good or bad, life satisfaction is closely tied to social comparisons, of achieving goals and meeting expectation of self and of others. Something to keep in mind when assessing your own satisfaction – try to focus on your satisfaction, and not measure yourself against others.

Next up, consider how to raise the score

Based on your Satisfaction Level, you next step is to decide what actions are needed to raise the Satisfaction Level to a desired level (which is hopefully up at the top score of 10 !)

These ‘actions’ could be some new goals, or new habits. They could be big hairy goals or smaller, incremental habits that you want to break

Goal setting is covered in more detail here.

The desired outcome is Balance – that your Satisfaction Levels improve as you accomplish the goals and actions you set out to do


So . .  what do you intend to do to improve your personal fulfillment?

  • what is you Intent?
  • what State of Mind will you bring?
  • what Actions are you going to do


Start by understanding what the basics personal fulfilment actually IS. Read more in the Personal Fulfilment channel.

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