Core values

Personal Values

Your personal Values are at the core of your being, they are what you reference for decision making, in times of stress and daily behaviour.

As a result, personal values are often referred to as your “moral compass”. Our values are a fairly fixed reference point (as in, compass) for what is moral – principles, goodness, behaviour, conduct, etc. This moral compass of our values, drives our instinctual behaviour and the choices we make, on a daily basis.

It's not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.

Roy Disney

One key benefit of knowing your values is gaining a better understanding of yourself, to increase your Self Awareness. With this awareness you will begin to understand your reactions (joy, happiness, anxiety, etc) to certain events, how you instinctively make choices, and why you get that ‘gut feeling‘.

Personal Values also help us prioritise – areas of our lives, people we know and interact with, goals we want to complete, things we want vrs things we need.


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