how to make a plan to change your life

Why you need a Life Plan

One of the great outcomes of writing a basic Life Plan is the experience of doing the plan. Just the act of putting our thoughts into the written word helps us to clarify our thoughts even more.

Indeed, the very act of writing anything helps us to clarify, memorise, and communicate better.

Most of us already have some kind of life plan at any given point in time. . . in our mind. A mental picture of where we’d like to be in the future. And so we drift along, happy in the knowledge that we are following this mental picture of the wonderful future we have planned.

Content with life and content with having a life plan in our memory banks.

But things are not what they seem . . . this mental picture evolves and adapts, to be replaced by a newer, more current, mental picture. A mental picture that is evolved & adapted by our emotions and memory…

The tendency to selectively recall memories that are congruent with a current emotional state is called Memory Bias. – ScienceDirect


How can we make progress towards the future we want, when our memory and emotions gang-up on us to continually change the plan? 

That is why you need a Life Plan

Specifically, you need to have a WRITTEN life plan. One that you can refer to later on, to refresh your memory, back to when you spent time contemplating and writing down your thoughts, and putting the life plan together.

Re-reading that plan will bring back and reenforce your thoughts & desires you had at the time of writing. 

And the benefits of a Life Plan are…

  • The plan is about you and for you
  • Use it as a muse – a document to inspire you 
  • The process of writing your life plan is thought provoking
  • You can change it any time you want to
  • It clarifies your priorities in life
  • You’ll have a road map to follow
  • You’ll gain a sense of control over your choices & decisions
  • You’ll know when to say ‘Yes’ and, importantly, when to say ‘No’

… to name a few.


So just how do you go about creating a life plan? Well, that’s covered in this Life Planning channel in more detail. There’s plenty to discuss . . . but don’t let that put you off. The process of writing a Life Plan is cathartic, rewarding and can be as simple as you want it to be.

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