Your Current Status

A very important factor in making any life plans is knowing what your current situation is - your Current Status.

As with every journey, our lives too have a beginning, middle and end. And self assessing where you are on the journey is great for your Self Awareness and life planning.

An S-Curve (below) is a popular graphical tool that is used to present the notion of Current Status, typically split into four sections: LearningGrowingMatureDecline.

Write a Current Status statement for each core area of your life (your Life Areas), starting by acknowledging which one of the four status is relevant. Then write more details on exactly what the current situation is, and maybe even a comment on where to next (leading you to define new goals).

Why do we need to understand out current status?

The answer to that question is first and foremost in being honest with ourselves, so we can react and plan any changes needed. Getting into the habit of using a simple tool like this S-Curve will provide a direct connection into your ‘pre-contemplation’ stage of Behavioural Change.

Pre-Contemplation is the intention to not change behaviour anytime in the near future, due to two possible reasons – 1) outright denial, or 2) the person just doesn’t know.

The main benefit of doing this assessment is that you will begin to understand the GAP between where you are now, and where you want to be in the future (your Vision). 

There are other benefits to self assessing your current situation, being:-

  • Better Self Awareness of who and what you are
  • Acceptance of yourself, your life and your reality (article)
  • Improves your Situational Awareness, and your decision making
  • Helps with your Self Directed learning, Personal Development, and Personal Change
A SWOT Analysis is another good tool for assessing your Current Status. (See Tools & Techniques below). This is a more advanced tool by helping you assess your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.life 


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