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Life planning for real change

Life planning for real change

Myth . . . “People don’t change.”

But letting ourselves believe this myth lets us drift along in life in autopilot.

The article below highlights the need to stop drifting, and create a life plan to kickstart the life you want.

The steps proposed are a well accepted process to initiate a Life Plan. Read more here.

The power of Intent, State of mind and Actions

A good article on the power Intent, State (of mind) followed up with the Action.

The author (Ricky Derisz) examines his social anxiety and discovers the motto:

Always Assume Positive Intent”

This motto drives a new intent – to follow the motto. His state of mind –  ‘to change the thoughts we have’ – is followed by the action of doing what he set out to do, evidently gives him the results he desires.

This is also an example of Stephen Coveys’ mental (first) creation, and a physical (second) creation.

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