Personal Change

Personal Change

Change . . . the only constant in life.
Same too for Personal Change. Now is the time to master it.

A good skill to learn is how to manage and control our Personal Change. Knowing how we cope and react to change – that self-awareness thing again – can help us control our own stress levels and, with the same knowledge, begin to understand how other people naturally react to change.

The very process of Personal Development is intended to bring about a change in ourselves, so knowing what this change involves, and what it will do, is a great skill to have. 

Still, Personal Development is a self driven choice we make, a choice to change. While this self driven choice is something we can control, there are many time in life when a personal change is imposed on us by external factors beyond our control. And this is where the real skill comes into play – by helping us to recognise, understand and react in order to ‘make the best of a bad situation‘.


Basic causes of personal change

Self driven change

here, we decide the course of personal change, such as the changes we desire for our own personal development. We desire this, so there is a high level of motivation, and a low level of stress

Necessary change

in situations where we know a change will be beneficial to us in the future. We understand and know that a change is needed (for whatever reason). Our motivation may not be very high, but we do accept that change is needed. As a results our stress level is probably not too high.

Self-inflicted change

this is, generally speaking, an undesirable change. A change that we initiate ourselves, which has a direct impact and outcome on ourselves that is not beneficial to us. And if these self-inflicted changes continue, they become a habit. A bad habit. One that may even become self destructive.

Imposed change

usually by circumstance way beyond our control. Here, personal change is thrown at us – we have to change whether we like it or not. There is often a low acceptance for this change and, therefore, low personal motivation. This usually results in an immediate spike in or stress levels . . . and from there, well, anything can happen. Tip – somehow, find motivation in these situations if you can. Look for an optimistic elements to this change. This will help to complete the change, and keep stress levels down.


In this channel we discuss the processes, tools and techniques that help us master and benefit from personal change.
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