Personal development

Personal Development

Professional and Personal Development is a conscious pursuit, towards personal fulfillment - it doesn't just happen.

In recent times Professional Development and Personal Development have come to be ‘two sides of the same coin’  – in other words, they are two parts of the same thing.

And BOTH need to be driven by you


Professional Development

is specifically about your abilities & skills in the career you are in now, or the career you want to follow. Generally speaking, the core desires are to remain employable, be good in your role, advance your career and earn a good income. And all this needs to be driven by yourself.

As Peter Drucker said, “Companies today aren’t managing their knowledge workers careers. Instead, you must be your own chief executive officer. That means it’s up to you to carve out your place in the world and know when to change course”


Personal Development

is about life in general, about your needs and desires outside the workplace, and your overall move towards more personal fulfilment in life.

The phrase “Personal Development”, as a noun, is a widely used umbrella term to describe the huge range of activities we could use to maintain and improve our lives, wellbeing, and achievements.

Here at Goalmuse, we take the view that Personal Development is a conscious pursuit. It is the activities we actively partake in, with awareness and determination of what we want to achieve as an outcome.


Personal Development as a verb

Verb 101: a word that describes or conveys an action

Linguistically, Personal Development is not a verb. However, for practical purposes it IS. As a phrase, we should look at it as a *thing* we do. An action we do. We do Personal Development.

It does requires active participation. It is only personal development when and if you apply it.

Reading books, reading articles here on Goalmuse, watching videos, going to seminars are all just information and motivation.

Only when you consciously pursue a personal development activity and put that knowledge into action, does real personal development take place.

So the single piece of advice here is . . . be a person of action.


The Personal Development equation

Below is the equation presented by Eric Plantenburg in his “The Anatomy of Results”  TED Talk


Intent  x  State of Mind  x  Action  =  Results


Q: Why does the equation multiply the factors?

A: Because if just one of the factors is zero, then the Results = Zero!


No Intent . . . no Result

Wrong Mindset . . . no Result

No Action . . . no Result


Take a moment to think about that . . . miss just ONE these 3 factors, and you get no result.

Zip, nix, nada, nill, diddly-squat, nuthin’


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Like many skills, personal development is something to be learnt. Also like other skills, there are basic ideas and concepts that should be covered and understood before progressing to more advanced topics.  In this Basics of Personal Development, we cover the fundamental tools and techniques.

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