Personal development

Personal Development

The phrase “Personal Development”, as a noun, is a widely used umbrella term to describe the huge range of activities we could use to maintain and improve our lives, wellbeing, and achievements. 

Here at Goalmuse we take the view that Personal Development is a conscious pursuit. It is the activities we actively partake in, with awareness and determination of what we want to achieve as an outcome.

Personal Development as a verb!

Well, not linguistically it’s not.

Yet it does requires active participation. It is only personal development when and if you apply it. Reading books, reading articles here on Goalmuse, watching videos, going to seminars are all just information and motivation. 

Only when you consciously pursue a personal development activity and put that knowledge into action, does real personal development take place.

So the single piece of advise here is . . . be a person of action.


How we are dealing with Personal Development here

The Goalmuse site overall covers a range of personal development activities, which we refer to as Channels. Each Channel covers a single personal development activity that helps us to actualise our dreams and aspirations.

In this Personal Development channel we cover the processes, tools and techniques to help you DO personal development – as if it were a verb (a word used to describe an action).

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