Personal Development Plan

Create a Personal Development Plan

With so much to consider for your personal development, having a plan is an essential piece of the puzzle towards achieving your ambitions.

Without a plan, it won’t be 100% clear what direction and what steps to take towards those ambitions.  

Your plan doesn’t need to be dozens of pages long, or take weeks to put together. But you do need to spend a good amount of time contemplating what your ambition are, what drives you, and what you care about.

Personal development planning is the process of creating an action plan based on awareness, values, reflection, goal-setting and planning for personal development within the context of a career, education, relationship or for self-improvement.

Why you need a Personal Development Plan

  • It helps clarify your ideas around what your ambitions are
  • You define what success looks like to you
  • It gives you an ‘outline’ for a direction in life
  • Only you know what you really want to achieve, but having it only in your head can cause confusion – our minds can play tricks on us

Your Personal Development Plan is NOT . . .

  • Fixed
  • A wide ranging, rambling, non-specific document
  • To be done once, never to be looked at again


Elements of a Personal Development Plan


The process – how to writing your Personal Development Plan

  1. Identify what Life Areas are is important to you
  2. Have and write down your Vision
  3. Do a SWOT analysis
  4. Do some Backcast
  5. Assess your Current status & situation
  6. Map a pathway forward, from your current situation. Identify the skills you need to to fulfil the pathway ahead
  7. Write a Skills learning plan
  8. Set out your Goals and Actions that are needed along the pathway, to achieve the Vision
  9. Track & evaluate your progress


Writing a PDP is a very powerful exercise that gives you much better understanding of yourself and your ambitions. Even if you do this just once, the PDP process is sure to benefit you in the short and medium term. For long term benefits, do a full review of your PDP every year. 

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