Personal Productivity

Personal Productivity

Helping you achieve more on a daily basis - smarter, not harder.

Personal Productivity is our level of activity in keeping tasks moving forwards, towards completing a desired output, task or goal.

The word ‘Productivity’ is defined, in simple terms, as an output from a set of inputs, which is why we talk about outputs and inputs here. For business productivity these inputs and outputs are many and complex.

The set of inputs for Personal Productivity is simply:-

  1. Your time
  2. Your ability
  3. Mindset

Which gives us a Personal Productivity equation of:-


Time  x  Ability  x  Mindset  =  Results


Your Time

As you know, there are only 24 hours in a day, with about 8 of those hours used for sleeping, and that’s a good thing! Which leaves us with about 8 hours for production (average work hours / day), and 8 hours of ‘life’ (eating, commuting, more work, socialising…).

Yes, OK, that is a very generalised breakdown of hours in a day… but the message here is that you only have 24 hours in a day and 1/3rd of that is needed for sleep!

Read here for more on time management > The Ultimate Time Management Plan to Keep You Productive


Your Ability

Ability is (1) the set of skills you have and (2) your current knowledge, where both can be increased over time with Lifelong Learning. The final element (ie 3) is your natural, built-in  intelligence – this cannot be changed: it’s a gift, use it! 


Your Mindset

Without the correct mindset, how you spend your time and use your abilities are all for nought. Use these 3 basic rules initially:-

  1. Have a plan – put together the items and actions than need to be done, with target dates.
  2. Manage your time – set aside specific time to do what you need
  3. Be conscientious – doing one’s work or duty well and thoroughly



Question – So why does the equation multiply these factors?

Answer – If any one of the factors is low, then your overall productivity will be low. One factor in the equation, multiplied out, impacts the Result.


In short…

Not enough time, lower productivity

Lack of ability, lower productivity

Wrong mindset, lower productivity

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3. Mastery

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