Personal Productivity

The Basics of Personal Productivity

Here we cover the basics of dealing with the personal productivity elements of your Time, Ability and Mindset.

Any discussion around ‘productivity’ needs to include a few vital points, these being:-

  • How to do personal productivity?
  • How to maximise productivity?
  • How to you measure productivity?
  • What tools, techniques and methods are available?


And as we discussed before, the influencing factors are your Time, your Ability and your Mindset. Each of these 3 impacts the questions above and ultimately your own productivity.

Another very important discussion point is that of burnout and how to avoid it. Improved productivity should not be used as a means to do more and more work, at the expense of your personal well-being.


What is your reason for improved personal productivity?

Do you know?

Or are you just following the expectation of others?


What are your expected outcomes and impact of improved personal productivity?

Do you know? Is it to . . .

Have more time to do more work?

Spend more time on yourself / your family / your passion ?



Suggested aims & outcomes of improved personal productivity

One good outcome to aim for is time, or to be more specific, more time. For living your best life.

And in particular, keeping work tasks inside of work hours, not letting your work eat onto your personal life.

Another aim should be to find a balance. Aim to find ‘just the right amount’ (Lagom) of time for your work and non-work life.


Viewed as a Logic Model :

Inputs >Activities >Outputs >Outcome >Impact





Basics tools & techniques  of personal productivity


-Time mgt.


-Task mgt.


More time for…



Achievement, results, goals, reduced stress


Personal fulfilment


This Basic pathway discusses the above factors for improved Personal Productivity.

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