Personal Well-being

Looking after your body, your mind, and your human spirit.

Personal Well-being is about how we as individuals experience, assess and sense our lives in body, mind and our human spirit. This is where we take the ownership of our Well-being by learning about it, use the tools and techniques to help ourselves, and look after ourselves as much as we can. Looking after our body and mind.

More specifically, Well-being is the experience of body, mind & spirit, relating to the conditions we live in and live with. The conditions typically referred to are our:-

  • Economic well-being
  • Environmental well-being
  • Physical well-being
  • Mental well-being
  • Workplace well-being
  • Social well-being
  • Emotional well-being
  • Political well-being


What’s in a name?

  • Well-being generally refers to both the body and mind, and the level of positive experience the individual feels for the many conditions of each.
  • Wellness generally refers to physical health alone, where ‘good health’ is the absence of illness. Often, ‘Health’ is expanded on to include the mental, emotion & social factors.


We use Well-being and Wellness as terms with the same core meaning.


While Well-being and Wellness are often used interchangeably, they tend to have slightly different meaning and definitions, depending on what you read and which practitioner you talk to. These slight differences can also be due to difference in language & vernacular between countries and societies.

The word ‘Wellness’ has become popular in businesses, increasingly wanting to measure and report on employee wellness in order to gain insight into what they are feeling year-on-year. There are also global organisations using wellness factors to measure ‘happiness’ across countries. Slowly but surely, the definitions of Well-being and Wellness are coming to a common meaning.

For more detail see Wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Well-being

Another relative newcomer to the linguistic scene is the term “Wellness Industry”. This refers to a $4.2 Trillion global industry spanning products and services for physical and mental well-being. Everything from Health, Travel and Anti-Aging to Medicine, Real Estate and the Workplace. Wellness is all around us, and after our money!


If you don’t look after your Well-being, who will?

Here are a few suggestions to help kickstart well-being in your life:-

  1. Commit to an exercise routine. How about walking for 30 minutes each day?
  2. Consider you habits, make an effort to remove those that you consider to be bad.
  3. Find a way to removed stress. A way that suits you. Meditation, yoga, slow walks….
  4. Zone out for a few hours. Give yourself permission to get away from it all.
  5. Howl at the full moon!


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