Release #2 – completing the circle

Our new release (4/Dec/2018) delivers the final two stages of the Goalmuse framework – THINK and DECIDE – which completes the Plan, Scan, Think, Decide circle.

This release also brings in the Mastery Plan, to add to the Starter (free) Plan, and the Advanced Plan – see out pricing page

Additional features are:-

  • Two new tools in the PLAN stage – Habits and Experiments
  • Affirmations for each Life Area – these are positive statements that can help build a positive mindset
  • In-line editing of texts – Vision, Why, Values, Affirmations
  • A Decision Journal – the outcome of the Decide stage is to make and record the decision, into a Decision Journal.


The THINK and DECIDE stages are important steps in personal planning, as they allow us a place to record out thoughts and options when considering *things* that may impact our goals. These *things* may be an opportunity or threat identified via the Environmental Scan, or from an article we read in a newspaper . .  or a tweet, a comment, a work review, advice from a mentor . . . and on.

Something that is important enough, or big enough, that it will potentially impact our plans in life.

Something that needs time to think and considered.

Something that needs to have the right decision made.


I hope this release delivers further support to your personal success, in whatever form that takes.