What’s up next

New features, that’s what.

We are in the process of delivering the last two stages of the Goalmuse framework – THINK and DECIDE. Very excited to be completing these.

The THINK stage lets you create multiple options for an Opportunity or Threat identified from the Environmental Scan. Options are used to help you make a decision. The THINK phase lets you pause, take time out and think about the issues.

In the DECIDE stage, you consider your options to make and record your decision. The decision should lead to either a new goal, or an adjustment to an existing strategy and goal. On making a decision, a Decision Journal entry is recorded for your future reference. The Decision Journal will also let you review the decision made at a future date.

Want to learn how to Think better and make better Decisions? Follow this blog, it’s awesome > Farnam Street

And a few more features we’re adding…